Denard & Kay were college sweethearts and married in 1963.
After nearly a decade as students, they reluctantly “had-to-go-to-work”.
From 1969-1999, Kay worked in the medical field & Denard worked in the hospitality business. In 1999, a return visit to Carteret County landed them at Portside Marina in Morehead City. Before “retiring” in 2021, Denard & Kay purchased 1100 on Arendell in Morehead City.

With an eye for preserving historical places, they began a 2+year process of restoration of the 110-year-old home. She has “Great Bones” was a frequent battle cry as they rallied to overcome the challenges of restoration. The result is an exquisitely renovated, turn of the century Victorian home, with beautiful, romantic gardens. It takes you back a step in time!